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Proxi - Its a «Revolution» in controlling your own house

Proxi components and mobile application Proxi – Thats all you need to realize smart house!

Smart house in your hands

Be a part of the future with PROXI
Proxi - Its a «Revolution» in controlling lighting and other electric devices surrounding you. Every device in range of your bluetooth smartphone is under your controll!

How to control PROXI?

All that you need is smartphone with absolutely free mobile app - Proxi
Feel the closeness of technology. Play. Control your environment.
  • simple and intuitive to use
  • immediate access
  • see which devices are within range
  • observe the device state
  • allows control by many users simultaneously

PROXI components

Remote control of blinds, screens and awnings

For our own comfort and safety, we sometimes want to restrict daylight by drawing the blinds or shading. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could do this remotely? To simply control the daylight levels straight from your phone? Proxi Shade makes this possible.

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Remote control of devices

How many electric devices do you use daily? They definitely make our lives much easier. Imagine now that using them can be even simpler and more fun. Try Proxi Smart Plug.

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Remote control of gates and garage doors

Proxi Gate is a universal radio module designed for the automatic control of gates and garage doors made by different manufacturers.

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Remote control of devices

Are you at home? Have a look around your kitchen, bathroom and garage. Then do the same in your office. How many electrical devices can you see? A huge number! Imagine what it would be like to control them directly from your phone. Impossible? Not at all. Discover the Proxi Power module.


Remote control for lighting

With Proxi Light you can do more with your phone than just switch the lights on or off ; you can also dim them or increase their brightness. As you need it. Always for your comfort.

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Installing PROXI

продукт Proxi который вам нужен


Proxi module

не ломая стены

Set up

without change in wiring

приложение из AppStore или Google Play


an app


your smart house
using application

Why choose PROXI?

Smart house functionality with a way lower price
No server station needed
Coverage area
range up to 100 metres in open space
Remote control from your phone or manually with a switch
encrypted access control
installing system without changing any wiring
Easy and Intuitive interface in phone application
installing doesnt require special skills

Where to buy PROXI?

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